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Finding the right treatment center is very important in your journey through recovery. The time you dedicate to getting clean and sober, is the time you dedicate to making your life better. Inpatient or residential treatment focuses on healing your mind, body, and soul with a personalized treatment plan created from a comprehensive diagnosis.

Because this process is so important, let our treatment consultants walk you through the steps. Their focus is to help you get the important information so that you may make an educated decision. By calling (214) 740-3679 a treatment consultant will help you determine if you need an inpatient or outpatient program. To put your mind at ease, our consultants will run a free confidential insurance quote.

The Advantages of Choosing Inpatient Rehab in Dallas, Texas

Inpatient treatment offers people the option to focus on themselves during treatment.
From beginning to end, inpatient allows the person to learn, reflect, heal, and succeed. Depending on the substance being abused, inpatient treatment is highly recommended for those who are suffering from opiate, alcohol, and crystal meth. Inpatient substance abuse is often recommended for those who experience the following:

  • Withdrawals that are life threatening.
  • Drug overpowers the users will.
  • Severe psychiatric or medical complications.
  • Repeated failure in outpatient treatment.
  • Court ordered inpatient treatment.

Inpatient programs can last from 30 to 90 days and decreases the likeliness of relapse during the most difficult times of recovery. There are different types of inpatient programs like 12-step programs, therapy-based programs, and individualized treatment programs.

Inpatient Treatment Effectiveness

The greatest thing about inpatient treatment at Drug Rehab Dallas is that you are in a non-judgmental environment surrounded by professionals that can ease your anxieties.  The quality of care and the dedication of the staff is what makes inpatient treatment so effective.
Having people that inherently care about the quality of your life and the treatment you receive makes the world of a difference when it comes to dallas-texas-drug-rehab-treatmentgetting sober. Call (214) 740-3679 to talk to a friendly consultant to get all the information you need about drug inpatient treatment.
There are other benefits to enrolling in an inpatient program:

  • Time away from an environment that encourages illegal activities.
  • Time to focus on yourself and the treatment you are receiving.
  • Therapy sessions that focus on social, and psychological family interactions.
  • Relapse prevention and coping mechanism skills.
  • Medical staff to assist you will health complications.
  • Medically assisted detox from toxins.

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Let your research start with us. Having an actual person explain your options to you could make this process less stressful and more feasible. Knowledge is empowering; make today the day you take control of your life. You shouldn’t have to do this by yourself call (214) 740-3679.

Individual and Group Counseling for Inpatient Treatment

We want to get to the root of your addiction. Whether it is childhood trauma, PTSD, or struggle to control your bipolar disorder that you didn’t know you had, all could be reasons why kicking your addiction is so difficult. Inpatient in Dallas focuses on the person seeking treatment and not just the addiction. By providing both one-on-one therapy and peer-to-peer therapy the individual begin healing by mentally and socially.

Individual counseling concentrates on properly evaluating the extent of the person’s addiction, possible mental health problems that happened before or during active addiction, relapse prevention and more. These are all aspects of inpatient treatment counseling that needs to be addressed or discussed when working with a professional therapist for a long-lasting recovery. The good thing is that there is other methods of therapy that continue to focus on making your life better.

Group counseling is a small group, 6 to 17 people, sharing their experiences and emotions, establishing a strong support system in getting recovery, and learning social acceptable behaviors. This type of counseling emphasizes peer to peer learning. Learning from people who have gone through similar struggles and traumatic events during their addiction creates a nonjudgmental environment to vent in. Drugs and alcohol tend to numb the emotions, so having a safe place to let it out encourages healing of the soul and not just the mind.

Medication Associated with Inpatient Treatment

Depending on the length and depth of addiction, the person may require medication to prevent or treat substance abuse disorders. This method is commonly known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Substances like alcohol and drugs like Benzos can cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms that require a tapering of medication. Safety is always a priority at Drug Rehab Dallas, so this type of treatment may be required per request of a therapist.

Common Medications for MAT Alcohol Treatment:

  • Acamprosate: Decreases symptoms of withdrawals.
  • Naltrexone: Opiate and alcohol recovery treatment to reduce cravings.
  • Disulfiram: Creates an unpleasant reaction of nausea if alcohol is consumed with this type of medication.

Medication for Opioid Use Disorders

  • Methadone or buprenorphine: Decreases opiate withdrawals and occurrence of cravings.
  • Naltrexone: Decreases the chances of relapse by managing cravings.

Why You Need Inpatient Rehab in Dallas

Detoxing without medical staff can cause life threatening problems. Having medical professionals to provide medication will help you in the long run. We know how important comfort is when withdrawing from drug, so that has become our main focus to help your responsiveness to treatment. Fear of withdrawals should not be holding you back from this potentially life changing treatment. Just image a life without craving drugs or having to do things that could put in in prison just to obtain them. That life that you are trying to image is worth giving Drug Rehab Dallas a shot.

Finding the right facility is important, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Drug Rehab Dallas believes that the desire to change is key to overcoming any addiction.

Now be the Agent of Change You Need and Empower Yourself. Call (214) 740-3679.